Silestone: great quartz for your projects

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Silestone by Cosentino is an amazing quartz surface maker for high level kitchens and bathrooms. At Ashlar Mason we can provide you the amazing products from this ingenious brand if you think about quartz for one of your projects. Beside the amazing look of the products, you also have a 25 year guarantee for each material provided by Silestone.

Silestone is not porous, which makes it very resistant with coffee stains, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar or other products that you can use in your “daily kitchen life”!

Quartz is also one of the hardest materials in the world. That’s why we can use the words “long-lasting” when we talk about Silestone. Its ability to resist to marks made by knives of other sharp tools makes this material really convenient.

What you may not know about Silestone is that this material has a bacteriostatic protection. It based on a very high level silver iron technology to prevent from bacteria propagation. Thanks to that, Silestone products have a great added value.

Silestone logo Silestone is now available in more than 60 colours and 3 different textures in order to give you the best result for your projects.